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Water Softener Performance: 

Ion exchange resin in the softener can become iron fouled over time.  This will be costly because excess salt and water are needed.  It may become a problem as the softeners cannot keep up with boiler makeup water requirements.  Many times this can be corrected with the application of resin cleaner.  This liquid is simply added to the brine tank and strips off the iron from the resin beads and restores capacity.   We offer free testing of the water softener ion exchange resin.  If it turns out that the resin needs replacement, we can quickly furnish replacement resin.


Are you constantly cleaning up messy leaks after drain pans have clogged up?  Slime build-up in drain pans can be easily prevented by using small anti-clogs.  Each small unit contains a biocide that claims to "kill" legionella bacteria!  These are typically changed out quarterly and will prevent slime build-up, odors, and many other problems.  Contact one of our representatives today for more information and pricing.

ATC Anticlog Unit

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